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Base Tuition is $19,500.00

A $2,000.00 deposit is due upon registration, which is included in the $19,500.00 tuition.

The VEEB Practical Nursing Program employs a fair and equitable refund policy.

If a student fails to enter, $1,500.00 less any medical expenses and/or supplies will be refunded; $500.00 is charged for processing.  No monies will be refunded after the start

of the Program (September 5, 2023).

Tuition is billed in three (3) installments. 



Tuition includes student supplies: eBooks, laptop or Chromebook, tote bag, stethoscope, insurance, various access codes, and lab supplies that are used by students over the entire course of the program and maintained by the school.  


                                                            (Tuition and fees are subject to change)



                Uniforms                                                            $175.00, estimate

                ID Badge                                                            $  20.00

                Limited Permit Fee                                         $  35.00

                Licensure Exam Fee                                       $335.00, subject to change

                Hard cover textbooks                                      varies according to textbook


Make-up classes is not a guarantee.  However, if they are offered, it is an additional out-of-pocket cost of $200.00 per makeup day.


Tuition includes a basic physical examination (completed by our medical team) which consist of the following: history and physical examination; vital statistics; drug screen; flu vaccine; Quantiferon; titers for Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella and Hepatitis B; student profile and review of student provided medical data.

Proof of Covid Vaccine including  one Booster is required.


Diphtheria Tetanus Vaccine                                                                                  $    40.00
Varicella Vaccine (2 shot series)                                                                          $ 145.00/per shot
Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccine (2 shot series)                                         $  90.00/per shot
Hepatitis B Vaccine (3 shot series)                                                                      $  80.00/per shot
Chest X-Ray                                                                                                                 $   75.00 

**Mandatory physical exam, titers and flu vaccine are included in the cost of the tuition.  

   Any additional medical charges will be billed to student accounts**






Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards are published and are reasonably applied for measuring whether an otherwise eligible student is making SAP in the VEEB School of Practical Nursing Program. In order to maintain eligibility for financial aid, students must make adequate academic progress toward his/her Certificate of Achievement. 


Federal regulations require all schools participating in state and federal financial aid, Title IV, and HEA programs to monitor SAP. These standards are applicable to all students enrolled in the Professional Program and are used to measure their satisfactory progress toward graduation. The policy is provided to all students prior to the first class session and is consistently applied to all students. Evaluations are maintained in students’ files. 

New SAP definitions went into effect on July 1, 2011. VEEB School of Practical Nursing developed policies to determine the academic standards that students must meet and constructed a means and a schedule of measuring the achievement of Quantitative and Qualitative standards. Students must complete the program within 150% of the maximum allowable time frame criterion to measure students’ SAP.

SAP standards are established by the faculty in consultation with the Nursing Supervisor and the Financial Aid Officer. Students must maintain SAP according to the following standards in order to continue enrollment.  SAP is measured at the end of each semester and will be checked prior to disbursement of aid.


1.  All students enrolled in the Practical Nursing program must achieve a passing grade

      of 70 in each classroom course every semester.

2.  All students must achieve a passing grade of 70 in each clinical rotation every


                                 • Practice = ½
                                 • Theory = ½

3.  Students who withdraw from the PN Program, regardless of the reason, will be given

      an exit interview by the faculty.

4.  Criteria for Honor Roll

                              •   A grade of 75 in each classroom course
                              •   An overall program average of 89.5 or above
                              •   Satisfactory performance in all clinical courses


Students will receive periodic written evaluations of clinical performance that must be signed by the student and instructor and returned to the student's folder in the nursing office.

Progress meetings will be held throughout the program to determine student performance. Students who demonstrate difficulty, or have an academic average below 70 will be interviewed by a member of the faculty committee, given a mid-semester warning in writing, and subject to academic probation. Cumulative grades and attendance will be issued to all students at the close of each semester.

One student copy of the transcript with all final grades will be issued to each student upon request, following graduation. The faculty strongly suggests that each student keep a record of his/her grades and attendance during the program. If discrepancies occur, the student should arrange for an appointment with the faculty or the Counselor.

Students with failing academic averages may voluntarily withdraw from the VEEB PN Program at any time.

Additionally, evaluations for SAP are conducted at the following actual clocked hours:

•   Semester 1            450 clock hours
•   Semester 2            450 clock hours
•   Semester 3            210 clock hours



VEEB School of Practical Nursing SAP policies contain a Pace measure. Students must progress through the program at a sufficient pace to ensure completion within the maximum ragtime of 150% of the published length of cumulative clock hours.

The maximum time for students to complete the Professional Program is as follows:

                                         Normal                       Maximum

          Clock Hours       Clock Hours               Practical Nursing Program (full time)

                                         1,110                            1,665 

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